U.S. system to detect bioterrorism can't be counted on, government watchdog finds

Power lines
State of Emergency As Crimea Loses Electricity Power supplies have been entirely shut off after pylons in Ukraine were blown up, according to reports coming out of Russia.

Let the Refugees In

Pope claims Christmas is a 'charade' due to continued war across the world

Putin vows to hunt down, punish those who bombed Russian jet

Metrojet Flight 9268: Russia confirms bomb destroyed plane in Egypt.
Homemade explosive device equivalent to a kilogram of TNT went off onboard


The hollow promise of a 'merciless' war against ISIS: Neil Macdonald


Terrorism Puts Europe’s Passport Free Travel in Doubt

Amber Rudd, Energy Minister
UK coal plants must close by 2025, Amber Rudd announces. Energy secretary says it is imperative that Britain builds new gas-fired power plants to replace polluting coal plants.

Abnormally normal

For once, oil prices are responding to supply and demand, not OPEC 55

More Restaurants Go the No–Tipping Route

U.S. stocks cede gains after German bomb report; oil slides ...
Markets | Tue Nov 17, 2015 3:34pm EST … Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange November 6, 2015. Reuters/Brendan McDermid.

A World of Debt. LIKE the sub-prime mortgage crisis in America and the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, emerging markets could be on the cusp of their own debt reckoning.

Why terrorism has a limited impact on markets

Marriot Hotel
Marriott to buy Starwood to create world's biggest hotel chain. (Reuters) - Marriott International Inc will buy Sheraton owner Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc in a $12.2 billion deal to create the world's largest hotel chain.

Attention Is A Currency

Exclusive: China's Tsinghua Unigroup to invest $47 billion to build chip empire. BEIJING/HONG KONG (Reuters) - China's Tsinghua Unigroup Ltd plans to invest 300 billion yuan ($47 billion) over the next five years in a bid to become the world's third-biggest chipmaker, the chairman of the state-backed technology conglomerate said on Monday.

EUR/USD breaks 1.07 after Paris attacks, ECB QE + rate cut done deal?

FXStreet (Bali) - The EUR/USD is trading under heavy pressure in early Asian session, presently a few pips below 1.07, as participants continue to flee ...

GBP/USD: 1.5315 is key resistance - FXStreet - FXStreet

USD/JPY reversing 'Paris terror' bearish opening gap - FXStreet

Full Coverage

Six Strange Things That Have Been Happening in Financial Markets


Edomonton Eskimos going to Grey Cup

Canada's Will Dutton, Ivanie Blondin race to World Cup speed skating medals again - Fri, 20 Nov 2015 19:21:18 EST - Canada's Will Dutton and Ivanie Blondin continued their fast start to the World Cup long track speed skating season with bronze medals in races Friday in Salt Lake City.

Canucks vs. Maple Leafs final score - Jannik Hansen and Alex Burrows scored for Vancouver but the Canucks fell 4-2 to the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Canucks are 1-3-1 on their road trip. They visit Montreal on Monday. Listen for sports at :15 and :45.

anti-doping agency
Anti-doping agencies can't keep pace with the science of cheating


Pfizer and Allergan said they will merge in a transaction worth around $160 billion to create the world's biggest pharmaceutical group

Art does heal: scientists say appreciating creative works can fight off disease

Health News Blogs

Dr Mercola Articles


The World's Wealthiest People

Transgender woman found dead in jail after asking to move to female prison

Eccentric Habits of Eight Geniuses That Will Make You Smarter

The home-chefs causing panic in restaurants


Wester Manners: The Latest Chinese Status Symbol

10 Tips For Going Organic On a Budget

What you need to know about eating expired food


U.S. agents arrest members of Venezuelan President’s family

At least 15 dead as Brazil dam bursts

Many feared dead as homes are flooded as a Dam bursts in Mariana, Brazil
Link repaired: Many feared dead as homes are flooded as a Dam bursts in Mariana, Brazil


Miccosukee Tribe ousts leader over $1 billion tax dispute with IRS...

Tsleil-Waututh Nation taking Kinder Morgan, NEB to federal court of appeal.

Justin Trudeau with an Aboriginal official within the halls of Parliament
For first time, Canada's indigenous flex their electoral muscles in a big way. For decades, many of Canada's Aboriginals have viewed voting in federal elections as something foreign. But that changed this year, as a newly galvanized community made their voices heard


27 dead, two jihadis killed, in Mali hotel attack


Mark Zuckerberg
CEO Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook announced he plans to take two months of paternity leave when his daughter is born

Government data-requests to Facebook. FACEBOOK recently issued its latest report on the number of requests it received from governments around the world for data about its users’ accounts in the first half of 2015.


Why Donald Trump should have held a Miss Universe pageant in Iran

Content of Automotive News. (AN) Analysis Amongst Other Reportage Indicates It May Be Time For VW to Accelerate Legal Separation of the VW, Porsche and Audi Brands in Order to Preserve Them

What Does the Future Hold for the United States?


Rules For Great Storytelling, With Margot Leitman


Why Sean Penn is coming to Israel

Lindsey Vonn calls Tiger Woods relationship a ‘learning experience’

Charlie Sheen
The Cruel HIV Stalking of Charlie Sheen, BY Tim Teeman – Tabloid speculation, threats of being outed, and alleged blackmail ahead of his announcement is reminiscent of the hateful early days of AIDS

Charlie Sheen Confirms He Has HIV

America’s Best History Teacher Doesn’t Work At A School. Dan Carlin has created a one–man podcasting empire by making the past as entertaining as a blockbuster.

Watch Classic TV

Top Online Casinos

Oddly Enough

UFO off California? Streaking light was missile test, Pentagon says
streaking lights across the skies from California to Arizona (Reuters) - Social media lit up on Saturday night with reports of streaking lights across the skies from California to Arizona, but the phenomenon turned out to be a Navy missile test flight launched off the southern California coast, the Pentagon said.

Rap video recorded inside Georgia jail prompts investigation Rap video recorded inside Georgia jail


An EcoSystem in Turmoil

Clues Emerge in the Fight against a Mysterious Killer of Central American Farmers

By Louis Sahagun: Researchers determine origin of mysterious stone columns along Crowley Lake in California. The strange pillar-like formation emerged after Crowley Lake reservoir was completed in 1941: stone columns up to 20 feet tall connected by high arches, as if part of an ancient Moorish temple. They had been buried and hidden for eons until the reservoir's pounding waves began carving out the softer…

Journal of Science


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