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Islamic State claims responsibility for Kabul attack, 80 dead

8 Dead in Shooting Rampage in Munich, Police Say

More Than 100,000 Venezuelans Flood Colombia Border to Buy Food & Medicine

13:26 GMT - More Than 100,000 Venezuelans Flood Colombia Border to Buy Food & Medicine Authorities opened the border so that about 44,000 Venezuelans could cross into the neighboring country on Saturday and about 63,000 on Sunday, according to figures compiled by the Colombian Foreign Ministry CUCUTA, Colombia

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When Edward Snowden leaked highly classified secrets about government spying in 2013, the undertaking took meticulous coordination

Bye Bye NATO? Trump Might Let Russia Attack Baltics

Bodies of 21 women, one man found on migrant boat in Mediterranean: MSF

Live -- Nice terror attack: Truck driver who killed 84 named as 'loner' French-Tunisian criminal who 'became depressed' when wife left him as police question estranged spouse

Secret Service Warns of Elevated Threat to Clinton and Trump as Authorities Prepare for Violence


Huge toxic algae bloom sickens more than 100 in Utah amid heatwave. Bacteria has spread rapidly to cover almost all of Utah Lake, turning the water bright green with a pea soup texture and leaving scummy foam along the shore

$1 billion alleged Medicare fraud, money laundering scheme leads to Florida arrests

Donald Trump clinches Republican nomination for president

Video shows man on ground with his hands up before being shot by police

Ted Cruz was booed off stage Wednesday after refusing to endorse Donald Trump during his prime-time speech, and the Trump family came out swinging this morning


Russia Olympics: Russian athletes lose doping ban appeal. By James Masters -- (CNN)Russia has reacted with anger after its bid to have a ban on its track and field athletes lifted to allow them to compete at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games ended in failure.


How Donald Trump’s worldview sits with the international community. Beyond US shores, the candidate’s words produced widespread consternation, as average citizens and officials wondered what a Trump presidency would mean for the rest of the world


3 Common Scams the Food Industry Uses to Hide Counterfeit Foods

10 Of The Best Known Remedies For Liver Damage

What is acrylamide and how is it involved with food and health?

Call In. Our Physicians are standing by 24/7 for you to call in for non-emergency medical assistance

Eating Grains Can "Tear Holes" in Your Gut

Alpha Lipoic Acid & Neuropathy

About Psoriasis


Dubai gets early taste of Brexit

Jerusalem’s Bucolic Alternatives.

Telegraph Hand Picked

Travel Zoo –– Top Deals.

Margot’s Travel Articles |Travel Alerts & Warnings | Map or Driving Direction


What made the right eye of the 'Man in the Moon'?

Great Barrier Reef Undergoing a 'Complete Ecosystem Collapse,' Scientists Say

Autism-like behaviours and germline transmission in transgenic monkeys overexpressing MeCP2

Scientists from King’s College London have used a new genetic scoring technique to predict academic achievement from DNA alone. This is the strongest prediction from DNA of a behavioural measure to date


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Stephen Hawking Predicts, “This Pill Will Change Humanity"


The Psychology of 'Pokémon Go': What's Fueling the Obsession?


Outspoken Journalist Killed in Car Bombing in Kiev. Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko vows thorough investigation, asks FBI for help

Image result for Peña Nieto
Have teachers won? No, insists Peña Nieto Education reforms unaffected, but teacher evaluation to be modified. There will be no turning back the education reforms, the president insisted today, denying that his government had been beaten down by teachers. Enrique Peña Nieto said there would be FULL STORY

‘The order to kill you has been given’. Tierra Caliente mayor arms himself against organized crime. Faced with threats against his life and in the absence of an adequate police force, the mayor of Pungarabato has taken to carrying. Ambrosio Soto was threatened by crime gangs

Mexico News Daily


Violent crime surges in Canada for the first time in 12 years

Surrey MP calls for emergency summit after wave of overdoses

Tribal News

Native Humor: 20Signs She May be "Too Rez" For You, Bro

5 Things Educators Should Know Before Teaching Native Culture and History

Amazon Tribe Creates 500-Page Traditional Medicine Encyclopedia


Benjamin Netanyahu: Israeli Prime Minister Offers Condolence Call to Palestinian President. Netanyahu made the call Friday, an official from the prime minister's office said, after Mahmoud Abbas' brother Omar died Thursday in Qatar, where he was undergoing cancer treatment.

China floods: More than 150 killed and hundreds of thousands evacuated

One more take on the Turkoup.... Turkish Catch 22: Erdogan Intolerable For NATO; Turkey Indispensable

Why is Turkey cracking down on its educators? A day after the ranks of educators and academics were rattled by thousands of suspensions and revocations of teaching licenses, the Turkish government announces a ban on international travel for all academics.

India Positions 100 Tanks Near Chinese Border

Dubai gets early taste of Brexit


Canadian airline fares decline but added fees keep going up. As Canadians demand bargain fares, airlines to generate revenue wherever they can

The Scariest Student Loan Number. Some focus on the largest figures, like total student debt ($1.3 trillion) and average debt ($30,000.) So why is the most dangerous student loan number less than $5,000?

The Social & Economic Costs of Legal Abortion. Abortion is the main cause of family breakdown, argues an economist.

Herbalife agrees to pay $200 million in settlement over marketing practices


Here’s what your personal data is going for on the dark web

Password Do’s and Dont’s

refugee coders
1,000 refugees learn coding to support Middle East economy

Radiation Emitted from Smart Meters 100 Times Greater Than Cell Phones – and Exposure is Constant, Doctors Warn


Pokemon Go Away: Russians See CIA Plot, ‘Satanism’ In Viral App

‘Pokémon Go’ App is Doing What the Patriot Act Can’t


You Might Actually Understand 'Game of Thrones' When Samuel L. Jackson Explains It

Pokemon Go is more popular that porn right now


Image result for Prince George
Prince George Turns 3: The Royal Birthday Boy Is Growing Up Way Too Fast, but at Least We Have These Pictures to Show for It

The Romanovs: 1613-1918: A colourful and compelling narrative of the Russian dynasty

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