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IDF Vehicle Comes Under Fire on Lebanon Border, 15 Israeli Soldiers Killed


Greek air force F–16 crashes into planes on ground during NATO exercise in Spain, killing 10, Spanish defense official says.



Gas truck blast rocks Mexico hospital; two dead, 66 injured

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama causes outrage in Saudi Arabia by not wearing headscarf. First Lady draws criticism for not wearing headscarf in highly conservative country

German anti–Islam group loses second leader in a week

The Mormon Church today announced that it will support national and local anti–discrimination laws for gays and lesbians, provided such laws also respect the rights of religious groups.

Afghan police boss refused keys to US–funded, $8M barracks over shoddy construction

Ukraine’s Far–Right Leader Hit by Shrapnel in Eastern War Zone

Japan scrambles to free 2 captives of ISIS

American Surfer Vanishes While Camping on Cliff in Mexico:…

Drone Carrying Meth Crashes Near Port of Entry at San Ysidro

French leaders pledge more money for counter-terrorism fight (+video)

- 01/21/2015 3:24 pm ET - France's intelligence services have been in the spotlight since homegrown militants killed 17 people in Paris earlier this month. Military spending cuts are being put on hold and better weaponry is promised for French security services.

Russia has 9,000 troops in Ukraine, Poroshenko tells Davos forum

Paris to Sue Fox News for Wildly Inaccurate, Insulting Coverage

Pope: Catholics don't have to breed ‘like rabbits’

Russia signs military cooperation deal with Iran

After joint op–ed in Washington, it may be Modi–Obama radio address in India

Separatists renew attack on airport as Russia and Ukraine bicker


A crucial piece of the story of humankind’s exodus from Africa was recently found near the northern Israeli city of Nahariya –– a 55,000–year–old skull of an anatomically modern human, among the first to leave the cradle of humanity and populate the globe.

Live Jet Stream Wind Map of World Radiation Fallout USA


Men’s basketball prepares to face Rutgers following postponed game

Patriots coach Bill Belichick calls surprise press conference to defend organization of DeflateGate cheating charges


First we take Athens: Europe’s debt colony revolts | ROAR Magazine

The Fateful Triangle: Russia, Ukraine and the Jews

A Personal Note on Jewish Statistics


CSE tracks millions of downloads daily: Snowden documents. Global sites for sharing movies, photos, music targeted in mass anti–terror surveillance

Facebook denies Lizard Squad had anything to do with widespread outage
Tue, 27 Jan 2015 03:58:44 EST – Read More

Samsung launches $92 Z1 phone in India shedding reliance on Google

Microsoft brings digital assistant Cortana to PCs with Windows 10
»read more

DBH Tech


Psychopaths' brains wired differently, researchers find

Toronto Star  - ‎2 hours ago‎
The brains of violent psychopaths are structurally different from others in society, meaning they should receive specialized treatment at an early age, according to a study involving Canadian and British researchers

TV star's plastic surgery disaster
TV star’s plastic surgery disaster tests Brazil

What Is Autism?

Underground Health Reporter

Dr Mercola









"Man can’t change climate", only God proclaims: U.S. Senator James Inhofe on the opening session of Senate. Inhofe is the new chair of the U.S. Environment

TIMES OF INDIA knocks president for chewing gum during formal parade…

‘Blizzard–Like’ Conditions In Store For Parts Of Northeast

Why wealthy Americans’ delusions about the poor are so dangerous –


The Canadian dollar continued its downward trajectory Thursday, falling below 79 cents at midday, after closing yesterday below 80 cents for the first time since 2009.

Freedom of speech expression religion
New anti–terror bill could put chill on freedom of speech

Woman who lost both legs after being attacked finally finds home

Several arrests made in Langley grow–op bust

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander 20140128
Canada opens door for 60 millionaire immigrant investors

Canada will start accepting applications from millionaire immigrant investors and their families on Wednesday under a revamped version of a program critics once denounced as "cash for citizenship."

Extreme cold weather alert issued for Toronto

Gas prices expected to drop 1 cent Jan. 28, 91.9 c/L

PRESS RELEASE: Haida Nation Challenges Constitutionality of the Northern Gateway Project

Alberta Oil Sands Deposits Must Be Left in Ground to Avoid Catastrophic Warming: Study


Two rockets from Syria strike Israeli–occupied Golan – Israeli military

Link repaired: Today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Seoul Mates: Are Jewish Stereotypes Among Koreans a Source of Hate, or Love?. By Dave Hazzan – A recent survey found high rates of anti–Semitism in South Korea. But Jews living there tell a very different story.

Erdogan in #Somalia amid tight security precautions. Turkish president visits country to launch several development projects funded by his government.

Simultaneous bomb blasts leave several dead in Baghdad. No group has claimed responsibility for blasts which killed at least 11 at restaurant and bus terminal in Iraqi capital.

US troops heading to Middle East to train #Syria rebels. Some 100 US troops to arrive in the region in next few days to set up training sites for moderate rebels, Pentagon says.

"Air pollution in China is now so bad that it resembles a nuclear winter, slowing photosynthesis in plants – and potentially wreaking havoc on the country’s food supply."

China says its gender imbalance ‘most serious’ in the world. Chinese health authorities on Wednesday described the gender imbalance among newborns as "the most serious and prolonged" in the world, a direct ramification of the country’s strict one–child policy. The statement will add to growing calls for the government to scrap all family planning…–Reuters


Mexico Mayor Accused in Journalist Death

Journalist covering prosecutor’s death flees Argentina
Reporter who broke death of federal prosecutor flies home to Israel saying he fears for his safety from security agents.

Students who survived Mexico’s night of bloody horror accuse army and police

Top Brazilian Surfer Shot Dead


Computer Recycling in Africa– This is what Ghana, Africa looks like after e Waste from western countries is dumped :$

Rhinos ‘could become extinct in just over 10 years time’ if poaching continues. RHINOS could become extinct in just over 10 years time if poaching continues at current rates, according to a leading wildlife charity.


Reducing Our Obscene Level of Child Poverty. "Every year we keep 14.7 million children in poverty costs our nation $500 billion –– six times more than the $77 billion investment we propose to reduce child poverty by 60 percent.

Jones New York to close its 36 Canadian stores - ‎26 minutes ago‎ - Jones New York is the latest casualty of the women’s apparel industry, announcing it will close its 127 retail stores, including 36 in Canada.

Loonie 20140915Canadian dollar continues slide below 78 cents read


Microsoft Shares Plummet – After Sales Hit in China, Japan

Tim Hortons laying off unspecified number of HQ staff

Markets dive
Markets dive as strong U.S. dollar weighs on earnings


George Clooney Divorce: Baby Desires Causing Amal Alamuddin To Rethink Marriage?


Why Justin Amash Voted Present on the House’s Keystone Bill –*#8211; And Was Right to Do It. I have to admit that I haven’t spent much time learning about the Keystone pipeline project, and I certainly haven’t read the bills that made their way through Congress on the issue in the last four years. From what I’ve heard, it seems like a worthy project and the administration’s political obstruction seems very much out of line.




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