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US: No evidence of direct Russian link to plane


Russia's Military Tells a Very Different Story


Yum, McDonald's apologize as new China food scandal hits

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Train carrying bodies of Malaysian jet victims arrives in Ukraine-held city

Egypt raises possibility of restarting peace talks as Israeli soldier reported missing

Obama to Putin: Stop the MH17 Cover–Up

John Kerry caught on open microphone discussing Israel’s Gaza offensive in candid terms. US Secretary of State appears to criticise ‘hell of a pinpoint operation’ in Gaza

Outrage as France becomes first country to ban pro-Palestine demonstrations



Two Israeli soldiers die in Gaza clash; Palestinian toll tops 300 | Video

OSCE Barred From Accessing Crash Site by 'Intoxicated' Gunmen

U.S. Threatens 'Severe Consequences' if Russia Found Responsible for Ukraine Plane Tragedy


Flood Warnings & News

Breaking news on fires -

The latest breaking news on fires from hundreds of sources, all in one place. ..



9 Questions About the Israel-Palestine Conflict You Were Too Embarrased to Ask

Just a reminder that the U.S. government awarded medals to the soldiers that accidentally shot down Iran Air Civilian Passenger Flight 655 in 1988 killing "290 on board, including 66 children".

The Pope discusses Jesus, The Essenes and Vegetarianism


July 21, 2014

Anthopoulos has payroll flexibility in 2015

July 21, 2014

Stanley’s Scrapbook: Williams wins key to city

July 21, 2014

Van Gaal can’t wait to make changes at United

Whitecaps FC result

The Vancouver Whitecaps played to a 1-1 draw with Real Salt Lake in Sandy, Utah this evening. Darren Mattocks scored on a penalty for Vancouver in the 73rd minute. Listen for sports at :15 and :45.

Celebrity / Nobility

'Maverick' star James Garner dies

The first confident steps of Britain's future king

Prince George takes his first steps  

A new photograph released ahead of Prince George's first birthday shows him walking unaided


How To Stay Healthy Even If You Eat Junk, Smoke Ciggies, Skip Exercise & Booze It Up

The Health Benefits Of Finding Your Tribe

Maclean's magazine Zoom
The July 28, 2014, edition of Maclean's magazine featuring the cover story, "Does this girl hold the genetic key to how we age?" MACLEANS


Discovery of fossilized soils on Mars adds to growing evidence that the planet may once have - and perhaps still does - harbor life

  • Environment Reporter
  • California radioactivity monitoring map
  • Radiation Food Testing Reports Worldwide
  • More Sc.Enviro


    Fukushima's Radioactive Ocean Water Arrives At West Coast

    Reactor 5 temperature jumped up 13 ℃ while losing coolant system only for 2 days_ URL

    In Case You Missed It

    Research project on high altitude radiation

    Col. Lawrence Sellin was fired because he didn't clear his remarks through public affairs and failed to clear 'written or oral presentations to the media' through a designated public affairs officer.
    The PowerPoint rant that got a colonel fired.
    Col. Lawrence Sellin was fired because he didn't clear his remarks through public affairs and failed to clear "written or oral presentations to the media" through a designated public affairs officer. (Courtesy of Col. Lawrence Sellin)

    Another Accredited Institution Selling Bogus Degrees

    Los Alamos Gets 'Inadequate' Safety Rating from Energy Dept.

    The antidemocratic roots of the Thai protesters. Demonstrations represent struggle between royalist bureaucrats and electoral democracy

    U.S. NEWS

    Merv Mitchell, also known as Mabul Shoatz, who is charged with aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, simple assault, reckless endangerment, and related offenses, is pictured in this Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Police Department photo released on July 18, 2014. REUTERS/Philadelphia Police Department/Handout via Reuters
    Philadelphia mosque leaders try to cut off man's hand –police

    40 shot, 4 dead from gun violence in Chicago over weekend

    California agriculture industry facing $1 billion in drought losses

    Washington wildfires destroy 100 homes and displace hundreds

    Does Dick Cheney believe his lies? Defiant Cheney accepts no blame for Iraq


    Bloody Sunday: Over 100 Palestinians killed on 13th day of operation. IDF continues destroying terror tunnel infrastructure as heavy losses are registered on both sides.

    First day of Israeli ground offensive in Gaza raises death toll near 300

    Super Typhoon Bears Down on Southern China. Hong Kong (CNN) -- After wreaking damage on the Philippines and claiming at least 64 lives over Tuesday and Wednesday, a newly intensified Typhoon Rammasun is bearing down on Hainan and Guangdong provinces in southern China./p>

    Missing Filipino fishermen rescued by Hong Kong vessel

    Philippine Star

    MANILA, Philippines (Xinhua) - Four missing Filipino fishermen have been rescued by a Hong Kong-registered vessel off northern Philippine island of Mindoro

    yphoon shuts down Philippine capital, kills 13

    The first typhoon of the Philippines' brutal rainy season shut down the nation's capital on Wednesday, killing at least 13 people across the country and cutting power for millions. Ferocious winds from Typhoon Rammasun tore roofs off houses, overturned cars and ripped down electricity lines in the…

    First Israeli killed by Gaza rocket fire as Netanyahu vows to exert 'great force' against Hamas. An Israeli man delivering food to soldiers Tuesday at the border of the Gaza Strip was struck and killed by mortar fire, becoming the first Israeli death in more than a week of fighting between the country’s army and Hamas militants.


    Nick Phongsavath's death at Pemberton Music Festival not foul play . Evidence, witness statements and autopsy lead police to rule out foul play

    Narinder Kalsi was taken off of life support yesterday. She was found with serious injuries in her Surrey home last Sunday. Her husband, Baldev Singh Kalsi is charged with second-degree murder

    21 Jul, 2014 - squamish first nation.
    A five-person jury will listen to the circumstances surrounding the death of Ryan Jacob. The 45-year-old was shot by Burnaby RCMP last year. The jury will have an opportunity to make recommendations that may help prevent similar deaths.

    News Alert

    Tornado warning issued for southern Alberta. >This breaking story will appear soon at

    UBC computer program tracks wildfire smoke around province. “Blue Sky Smoke Forecasting System” uses satellite imagery

    BC wildfires force thousands from their homes. 160 fires burning in the province

    Severe weather rolls across southern Alberta. Thunderstorms and large hail hit several communities north of Calgary

    West Kelowna Wildfire Doubles. Residents brace for evacuations as wind fuels B.C. wildfires

    Deaths from opioid overdoses soaring. Ontario study finds dramatic rise in deaths from opioid overdoses over last 20 years


    U.S., European airlines halt flights to Israel due to instability

    China secures Venezulan oil and gold deals, as President visits L.America

    The corporation invasion. A new treaty being negotiated in secret between the US and the EU has been specifically engineered to give companies what they want . – by Lori M Wallach


    7 Free Online Photo Editors

    Hi, Below you'll find a link to my latest article.  Click, read and leave your comment! –– Bob Rankin
    Is Someone Stealing Your WiFi?

    Control Your PC Without a Mouse

    Firefox In Decline

    Deleting Yourself From the Internet

    Amazon launches Netflix-like service for e-books called Kindle Unlimited. Unfortunately Kindeunlimited won't be available in Canada.


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