AFP: Strong quake rocks Eastern Japan, "biggest this year" — Fukushima Officials: Experts said Magnitude 8 quake "will occur" offshore; "Temporary seawall built as measure against the accompanying tsunami aftershock" (VIDEO)


Tweet by JoNel Aleccia, former NBC News reporter, Sept 2, 2014: Five pregnancies with anencephaly in Central WA state with due dates this year. State, CDC plan interviews w/ moms


Japan Stores Nuke Waste Near Rice Farms


Obama sending 3,000 troops into Ebola danger zone
Obama sending 3,000 troops into Ebola danger zone...



Obama's Lonely Climate Summit: World leaders staying home...

Thousands to be evacuated after 'critical' alert issued for Philippine volcano By Jethro Mullen, CNN

updated 10:53 AM EDT, Tue September 16, 2014

Over 500 migrants feared dead in Mediterranean after human traffickers 'sank the boat'

The Mathematics of Ebola Trigger Stark Warnings: Act Now or Regret It

Two New Possible Ebola Cases Hit Spain

Sweden votes with center-left opposition holding narrow lead


By Sphie Harmon:
Ebola crisis in West Africa: where did all the development money go?. With each week that passes, the Ebola crisis in West Africa deepens. And amid the horror, the fear and a public health response described by Medicine Sans Frontières as “lethally inadequate”, public health…


NFL says a quarter of players will end up with brain problems


Expert: Plutonium contamination of Pacific Ocean food chain from Fukushima now suspected; "Real source of potential long term problems for humans" — Newspaper: "Leakage of highly contaminated water into sea must be dealt with immediately" — Gov’t: Effect on health of US public not ‘significant’ (VIDEO)

Radiation Network


Strasbourg court to rule on whether UK mass surveillance is threat to journalism


Vaccines and Monsanto’s RoundUp Cause Autism: MIT Scientist Exposes Consequence of Glyphosate and Aluminum Cocktail

Cancer Treatment

9 Signs You Have Magnesium Deficiency and How to Cure It

Superbug time bomb: FDA vets only 10% of antibiotics that farm animals share with humans

Advocacy Arm of Consumer Reports Advises All Pregnant Women To Avoid Tuna

12 Facts About Microwave Ovens That Should Forever Terminate Their Use

Why Grassfed Animal Products Are Better For You


Death of Prince Nicholas Romanovich, Claimant to Russian Throne
Prince Nicholas Romanovich Romanov, 1922-2014
Prince Nicholas Romanovich Romanov (1922-2014)

‘They thought she was a prostitute’: LA police handcuff Django Unchained actress kissing her white partner

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Odile Poised to Bring Catastrophic Flooding to Southwest US

Defense Spending Won't Fix Pentagons Woes

Health Care, Economy, National Security Loom Large in 2014. Poll shows majority of voters not interest in repealing Obamacare


Striking B.C. teachers, province reach tentative deal. Mediator Vince Ready will not release details of the tentative agreement right now. More details will be released later today.
This breaking story will appear soon at

Rob Ford withdrawing from mayoral race

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is withdrawing from the mayor race over his health. Ford was hospitalized this week and diagnosed with an abdominal tumor.

Rob Ford's tumour diagnosis and the future of Toronto's race for mayor. 'It's a big game-changer with a lot of unknowns surrounding it,' says one politicn


REPORT: Islamic State shoots down war plane...

Three people were killed as rescuers searched for at least three others still missing with more than a hundred rescued after a ferry sank in waters off the central Philippines, officials said.

Syrian rebels said to control most of the border with Israel


Moscow warns against panic as ruble plunges to historic lows...


Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the vote that could cut your student loan bills

Australia to welcome young Spanish workers

Hundreds of reporters and staff losing jobs at world's biggest propaganda network: CNN


Some pics from my time in Iraq. Thought I'd share with you all.

Obama's War on ISIS May Be Illegal

Take the High Road to Peace

If Republicans want full-scale war, they should say so.

A wife's happiness is more crucial than her husband's in keeping marriage on track

Is it a crime to raise a killer?  A tragedy in New Jersey raises questions about where parental responsibility ends when a child becomes a murderer

Is Ebola Airborne? You Bet It Is

Did Obama Sell His ISIS Strategy?


Confirmed by Science: You Really Can Change Your DNA – Here’s How

No-brainer? Chinese doctors discover 24yo woman with part of brain missing


Report: Doctor who performed Joan Rivers’ endoscopy steps down.

Showbiz, Music Industry Jobs Drop 19% in Two Years









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