Japan earthquake: Tremors felt across nation

Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo Beach coastlines closed to public due to oil-like substance


An oil slick closed the stretch of beach from 34th Street to the Manhattan ... Department to determine if the oil-like substance is a result of an oil spill or a natural occurrence.

Japan Nuclear Plant Obtains Final Permit Needed to Restart

Asia tops global school rankings
Asia tops biggest global school rankings

US demands China halt reclamations
US demands China halt reclamations

The US calls for an "immediate halt" to land reclamation in disputed areas of the South China Sea, saying China is "out of step" with international rules.



Anti-surface gunnery is fired from China's Navy missile frigate Yulin during the Exercise Maritime Cooperation 2015 by Singapore and Chinese navies in the South China Sea, May 24, 2015
Russia to Take Part in South China Sea Naval Exercises
Russia will take part in South China Sea counter-terrorism exercises as it becomes increasingly concerned with security and stability in the region.

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China tells US and Japan to refrain from sabotage on disputed islands

Russia cries foul: Fifa arrests 'a conspiracy' says Moscow

100,000 EXPOSED

Heat Wave Has Killed More Than 11,000 in India in Less in a Week

US Sending Nuke Bombers To Sweden

Russia Warns Citizens Traveling Abroad Of U.S. Arrest Threat. Russia is warning citizens traveling abroad that U.S. authorities are on the hunt for Russians around the world who may have violated U.S. laws.

Germany declines comment on reported 'deep freeze' with U.S. intelligence


Former BC staffer claims he was ordered to delete Hwy of Tears emails requested under FOI Act

Wildfires force about 4,000 people to evacuate homes in northern Alberta
May 26, 2015, 10:57 AM

Small forest fighting plane crashes in northern Alberta, no word on injuries May 22, 2015, 7:43 PM

Suspects charged following death of Luka Gordic in Whistler

Up to 185,000 jobs could be lost in oil and gas industry this year: study

Camper explodes in Kelowna Walmart parking lot

By Kelly Hayes Video Journalist

What he saw was a camper ripped to pieces as the result of an explosion. Continue reading →

Additional 100 RCMP officers to help fight gang violence in Surrey: federal government

BC Hydro not commenting on its fleet of mobile security cameras

Arctic drilling foes try to stop work on Shell rig; city issues violation notice


Today's Markets: 18,010.68 Delayed Data As of 4:31pm ET -115.44 / -0.64%. Today’s Change

Thursday: Dow Jones Industrial Average Closes Down Slightly As Investors Weigh Possible Rate Hike, Greece Uncertainty

Stock market futures lower as Greek uncertainty remains, oil prices lower- 28 May 15

DOW up 121 poincts - 27 May 15

Chinese Yuan May Become World Currency After IMF ‘Approval’-Read more:

Asia Tops Biggest Global School Rankings

U.S. stocks fall the most in three weeks as dollar soars 11:11am EDT

- U.S. stocks recorded their steepest fall in three weeks in morning trading on Tuesday as positive economic data added to the gains in the dollar and sent it soaring to a one-month high.

Greece woes weigh on European stocks

European stocks have fallen after a Greek minister said that Athens would struggle to meet its upcoming debt payments.


Blatter hits out at U.S. authorities, UEFA


Sepp Blatter re-elected as FIFA's president

Blatter has been re-elected, despite the scandal around soccer's governing body. Prince Ali pulled out of the running after the results of the first round of voting. There had been calls for Blatter to resign ahead of today's vote, but he has refused to take personal responsibility after several current and former members of FIFA were arrested on corruption and bribery charges.

Disastrous consequences for Baku's 'clean up' ahead of European Games

Russian President Vladimir Putin accuses United States of meddling in FIFA's affairs



Francisco Chronicle, May 29, 2015: So far [it's] been a futile effort to figure out why so many… are washing ashore… scientists are looking at a variety of factors, including environmental changes

California’s Drought Is So Bad, Thieves Are Now Stealing Water Forget gold or cash, credit cards or gas: The hot new commodity in the land of drought is H20.

Evidence of 430,000-year-old human violence found

Whale washes ashore in 12th recent death in California

New hominid species may have been neighbor to famed ‘Lucy’

Birds’ V formation finally explained


To protect 'digital sovereignty,' Russia threatens to block Google, Facebook (+video)

Russia, like most countries, is struggling to balance public desire for privacy with the government's interest in monitoring potentially criminal activity. But the Kremlin's approach strikes observers as too heavy-handed.

















Additional Rounds of Storms for Texas, Oklahoma Into the Weekend

7.0 magnitude quake strikes offshore Alaska: USGS

Fresh Food Movement Sweeping the Nation

miles of So.California beach closed due to oil spil
Miles of SoCal Coastline Closed After Mysterious 'Globs' of Oil Begin Washing Ashore

Pentagon mistakenly sends live anthrax to as many as nine states

Indian Americans Donimate the National Spelling Bee

Texas flood

BBC: Houston, Texas, hit by unprecedented flooding; seven states at risk
- 5/26/15 07:31AM - More than 30 million Americans were told to brace for dangerous thunderstorms, including flooding, hail and possible tornadoes. read story

Arrest video played in trial of LAPD officer accused in woman's death - LA Times

Catastrophic flooding hits Texas and Oklahoma


Deadly Tornado Strikes Mexico City

Businesses Quietly Turn to the Dollar in Fiercely Anti-American Venezuela As Currency Crashes

Mexico Shootout Update: Photos Raise Questions About Whether Police Planted Guns

Spain's ruling PP gets worst local election result in 20 years

Mexico gunfight kills 43 as government hits gang hard | Video


Oak Flat Apache Land Grab ‘an Impressive New Low’: NYT Op-Ed

At the tail end of 2014, just before the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act was going to be voted on, Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake slipped in a rider that ...

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Former BC staffer claims he was ordered to delete Hwy of Tears emails requested under FOI Act

B.C. First Nation rejects more than $1B in first stage of vote over LNG proposal.

The first of three votes on a natural gas benefit offer worth over $1 billion has been unanimously rejected by a First Nation on British Col


No relief from India heatwave as death toll reaches 20–year high

Monsoon still days away and will bring a change only to the southern coastline, leaving the north exposed for weeks more

Japan, Philippines to deepen ties as China asserts sea claims

Over 2,500 migrants still adrift, U.N. says ahead of SE Asia meeting | Video


The Benefits of Grounding

Fermented Foods: How to ‘Culture’ Your Way to Optimal Health

Stem Cell –
Fasting shown to regenerate stem cells, reverse immunosuppression after 3 days

Link repaired: Food #fail: 10 items in your fridge you've been eating incorrectly

Juice becomes latest food target as Health Canada appears poised to cut fruit drinks from nutrition guide

Link repaired: Completely New Models of Dementia Care Are Emerging Across the Globe

Half hour of physical activity 6 days a week linked to 40 percent lower risk of early death

How to Make Excellent Liposomal Vitamin C - Video

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Angolan journalist given suspended jail term over blood diamonds book

How the Mengo Crisis shaped Ugandan politics


Joni Mitchell: Singer's Condition Improving After Suffering Brain Aneurysm, Report Says:

Mitchell is communicating, though speech is difficult, and has been moved to a rehab facility, Showbiz 411 reports. She has been hospitalized since March 31.



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‘Critical Alert': Jeff Sessions Warns America Against Potentially Disastrous Obama Trade Deal

11 Worst Fast Food Restaurants in America



Why Norway's Offshore Drilling is Safer

Israel has many injustices. But it is not an apartheid state - Benjamin Pogrund. In South Africa, I saw real apartheid up close. These claims against Israel are a distraction from the battle for justice for Palestinians


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A Look at the Abandoned Sports Cars of Dubai

















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